Pilates Stretches
Vanessa K

"I can vouch for your teaching being fantastic and the sessions being the perfect balance of doing something good for your body without being too full on. I always feel lovely and stretched after.

Even if you have never tried Pilates before or life feels too busy, this is highly recommended - give it a go!"

Pilates Class
Catherine F

"After a course of Pilates with Elinor I can honestly say I feel like a different person, not only do I feel fitter, my back pain has eased considerably and I now do not need constant pain relief and most importantly I now do not need the dreaded back operation. It has also improved my general well-being. By doing these simple routines first thing in the morning 3 times a week I feel I have so much more energy for my hectic day ahead. Elinor has helped me on this journey full of helpful advice and support along the way."

Fitness Training
Hannah W

"I trained with Elinor and she was a fantastic personal trainer. She got to know me and my goals and she pushed me to levels I never thought I could reach. She varied my workouts so I never quite knew what would happen each week. She's super friendly and very adaptable - I'd highly recommend using her."

Running Shoes
Kelly F-L

"I first met Elinor in 2004 whilst working together at the personal training centre in Oxshott, we worked together for about 18 months. Elinor is a fantastic personal trainer, her knowledge is incredible and she is very passionate about exercise and nutrition."

Weight Ball
Nigel B

​“Good solid workout sessions. Varied exercises/activities retain interest levels. Feedback during the work outs always useful & positive. Would recommend Elinor..and she makes it fun!”

Woman in Gym
Adele R

​“I love Elinor’s postnatal fitness classes, they are a great way to get back into shape, always a giggle and a fantastic opportunity to meet and socialise with new people”

Mike P

"I'm a member of a local running club and the coaches have stressed the benefits of sports massage but it's not something I'd taken up. I've had a few injuries over the last year, so I thought it was time to see someone about it. Elinor is very friendly and immediately suggested stretches and exercises I could do to prevent future injury. This, coupled with her sports massage helped me to complete a marathon recently injury-free. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone, and the treatments are now a regular part of my training and maintenance routine."